Trolley Jacks - £100 to £200 

There are some superb jacks in this price range - mainly with a two or three tonne lifting capacity - which are ideal for raising small, medium and most large cars. 

These hydraulic jacks are ideal for any serious amateur motoring enthusiast who is happy to get their handy dirty below a vehicle, taking on a variety of auto maintenance tasks.

Most of these jacks are also a great choice for any car service garage, body work repair centre or other professional auto care business. Standard and available and also low profile jacks which are capable of getting under practically any vehicle, including some of the lowest sports cars on the market that have ground clearances of about 4 inches, such as Porsches and Lamborghinis.

If you have a preference for the colour of a jack there are plenty of choices here including green, red, black, silver, blue and yellow.


Once again Sealey feature prominently in this price range and include the very popular Sealey 3000CXD Yankee 3 tonne jack which has a low entry level to allow it to access below most cars and other vehicles. This is a real beast of a jack and it heavy duty construction can lift a vehicle to an impressive height of 50cms.

The Motamec Alloy 2.5 tonne jack is a slick-looking bit of gear and is no slouch when it comes to get a vehicle raised quickly and safely. It's black and silver aluminium body look very stylish and its twin piston design means it can do it's job with very few pumps on the lifting handle. With a price tag of around £180 this impressive low profile device makes it perfect for carrying out work on rally and race cars in pro workshops and garages.

Another excellent jack in this range is the Liftmaster 70mm Ultra Low Profile device which has a desirable wide base for extra stability and large saddle for solid gripping at a vehicle's lift point. It low profile means it will fit easily under pretty much any vehicle including most sports cars. It also comes with a handy plastic moulded storage case.