Hydraulic Trolley Jacks - £30 to £50 

This is the price range where you'll find many of the most popular trolley jacks for car owners who are willing to carry out a bit of maintenance work on their vehicles, rather than go to the expense of taking them a repair garage.

Whether you want a jack mainly for changing your tyres for other regular checks and maintenance below your vehicle, there's sure to be a jack that meets your needs here. 

The jacks in this affordable price range are ideal for motorists who want an efficient way to raise their vehicle for a tyre change or to carry out a check for oil leaks, the condition or your exhaust or brake pads and many other essential maintenance duties.

Popular brand names in the £30 to £50 range include Liftmaster, Sealey, Halfords, Hilka, Faithfull and Hawk Tools. There are some excellent combo sets which include various accessories to go with the jack including axle stands, anti-roll chocks, under-vehicle creeper, jack carrying case and car ramps. 


A more expensive heavy-duty jack is likely to be used by a professional mechanic in a auto repair garage - but the jacks in this range are more than capable of meeting the needs of most amateur enthusiasts.

Most new cars will come with a traditional mechanical wind-up scissor jack tucked away in the boot, alongside the spare wheel - but these are often a bit clumsy and slow to operate and are not always the most robust or stable of devices.

Modern trolley jacks - also known as floor jacks - have been constantly improved by engineers and designers over the years and have become one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of lifting a saloon or estate car, small truck, 4x4 and many other types of vehicle. They are normally made of alumimium or steel and are available in various colours including red, green, blue, black, brown, silver and grey.

The large base size of these jacks makes them very stable, unlike certain other types of jack such as the scissor jack, which are nowhere near as reliable and are prone to wobbling, or even toppling over.

When you use a trolley jack it's amazing how easily and quickly you can get the front, rear or side of your vehicle raised to carry out the work in hand - and it's just as easy to get your car firmly back on the ground again when the jack's hydraulic mechanism does its thing.