Axle Stands 

Axle stands are an essential purchase for anyone who plans to use a trolley jack or other vehicle-raising device regularly.

A set of axle stands will provide the vital support you need to keep your vehicle supported safely above ground while you change a tyre or carry out maintenance work.

We feature steel and aluminium stands with various capacities including 2 tonnes, 3 tonnes and 4 tonnes. Ratchet, pin and peg holding mechanisms are available.

Other useful accessories for using when a car is raised above ground, include wheel chocks and mechanic creepers.


If you intend to work underneath your car on a regular basis, you definitely need to invest in a reliable set of axle stands from a reputable high street retailer or online store. 

Accidents happen each year as a result of people using the incorrect materials to keep their vehicle raised off the ground, including bricks or blocks of wood.

Axle stands are fairly cheap to buy and will ensure you are safe when changing a tyre or working below your car or other vehicle – trolley jacks, scissor jacks and other devices all have the potential to fail and therefore pose a danger to life if a vehicle is not safely and securely supported.

Axle stands are used to fully support your car once it has been raised up by a vehicle jack. They feature a Y-shaped top that safely cups the axle or frame rail of a car, preventing it from slipping. Once they are in place on wheel axles, you can safely carry out repair and maintenance work under your vehicle.

Trolley jacks are only designed to raise the car enough off the ground to change a tyre, and they are not designed to support a vehicle for any extended amount of time. An axle stand can support a lot more weight than a car jack, and it is also not susceptible to failure.

There are many different types of axle stand available, such as foldable axle stands, heavy duty steel axle stands, and there are also specialist stands available for other vehicles including minibuses, trucks and caravans.

A cheap set of stands for a small to medium-sized car will cost around £15 to £30, but you can expect to pay considerable more for high capacity heavy-duty stands for larger and heavier vehicles.

We bring you an extensive range of axle stands from leading brand names including Silverline, Draper, Halfords, Heyner, Streetwize, Wolf, Clarke Clarke, Sealey, Faithfull and Stag Tools.

Among the major UK retailers who sell quality axle stands are Screwfix, Halfords, Argos, Autosessive, B&Q, Machine Mart, Rapid Electronics and UK Tool Centre. They can also be bought at Amazon, eBay and Gumtree.