Reviews of Our Top-Rated Trolley Jacks  

It can be a difficult task trying to choose which hydraulic trolley jack to buy - there are dozens of models available and some fare better than others when it comes to design, quality, capacity and dependabilty.
A budget jack may be all you need if you just want to undertake the occasional tyre change, but you may need to invest in a more expensive device - with additional features and extra power - if you plan to use it regularly for an array of motor maintenance jobs. 
We bring you a few simple reviews of some models of floor jack which we consider to be worth taking a look at - we discuss the key features and benefits of each jack and give our star-rated verdict for overall quality and performance. 
We also give some of the comments about each jack from previous buyers and provide links to each device at Amazon, so you can read more about what each model has to offer. 
Sealey Floor Jack

Sealey 1153CX 3 Tonne Jack


Sealey has a great reputation for selling top quality jacks in all lifting capacity ranges.

You only have to take a look at the reviews online to confirm this company is right up whter with the best when in comes to well-designed, efficient, safe and reliable hydraulic floor jacks.

Whether you're interested in buying a small 1.5 tonne lifting capacity jack or a 3 tonne device for raising a large car, van, truck or other heavy vehicle, Sealey is sure to have a model to fit the bill.

You can't go far wrong with the Sealey 1153CX Long Chassis jack, for example which is an impressive heavy-duty device, capable of lifting a vehicles to a maximum of 3 tonne in weight.

You really do get great value for money with this trolley costing around £50, making it affordable for just about everyone who need a jack to get their vehicle off the ground for various maintenance work. Its height lifting range goes from a minimum of 14cm to a 43.5cm maximum.

For safety it is equipped with an overload valve to prevent use beyond rated maximum lifting capacity. The jack is fairly heavy at 19.6 kilograms but the attached front wheels and rear swivel castors make it very portable which it comes to moving the device around your car or other vehicle.

This jack is a fast mover also and can raise the corned of a car in around 10 to 15 seconds. It require just a few pumps on the handle to get most vehicles to the desired height.

Here's a few comments about this Sealey jack from previous happy buyers.

'Excellent build quality'

'Great jack at a great price'

'Brilliant piece of kit - doesn't disappoint'

'Brilliant quality - recommended to all'

'Very stable - well worth the money'

Hilka Trolley Jack Kit

Hilka 2 Tonne Trolley Jack Kit


This is an appealing package for anyone thinking of buying their first trolley jack.

For around £50 this starter pack features a red compact Hilka 82930240 steel jack with a two tonne lifting capacity, a moulded carrying case, two adjustable axle stands and two chocks to stop a vehicle rolling when raised.

A 2 tonne jack is fine for most small to medium cars and really sets you up for changing a tyre or carrying out essential maintenance work under your vehicle.

Hydraulic floor jack are not meant to bear the weight of a vehicle, but solely to raise it, so the inclusion of axle stands in this kit means you won't have to fork out for these vital accessories for a jacking operation.

Everything feels really solid and well manufactured with this jack and the carry case is also good quality, unlike cases with some other jacks which have been slated for being flimsy and unreliable.

The kit also includes a removable carrying handle for the jack.

This jack has a perfectly acceptable lifting range of 130mm to 345mm. It should serve its owner very well if cleaned and maintained regularly, with obligatory oil changes and bleeding or air from the hydraulic system.

Here's what a few previous byers have said about this trolley jack kit.

'A lovely jack - it's serving me really well'

' Very good - does exactly what it's supposed to'

'Nice little bit of kit - I love it'

'Great value with all the extras'

'Need a good jack - you just found it!'

Silverline Trolley Jack

Silverline  2 Tonne Jack


A two tonne floor jack is perfect for anyone wanting to lift a small to mid- size car.

There are dozens of two tonne jacks to consider buying but we were quite taken by the Silverline 633935 - and judging by the amount of positive feedback it gets from happy customers, so do plenty of other people.

This jack has a desirable wide base for superior stability which helps to prevent leaning and losing your load - this is one of the key benefits that floor jacks have over most other types of jack.

Even the large front wheels help to provide stability and maneuverability, along with the swivel rear castors which makes it easy to haul around to change tyres and other maintenance tasks.

This jack has a maxiumum lift height of 335mm and features a swivel handle and saddle. A very appealing low price of around £30 makes it affordable for anyone on a tight budget.

The device weighs a hefty 9kg so it's far too heavy to keep in your car boot for tyre changes. Some previous buyers have grumbled about the quality of the moulded plastic carrying case, which they say is flimsy and prone to splitting. The handle is also shorter than those found on other jacks. Because of this we have docked a star from our rating.

Here's the feedback from some previous buyers of this jack.

'Fabulous for the price!'

'Good and strong well worth the money'

'This jack is robust and very well made'

'Good value for basis auto work'

'Finally a well-priced 2 tonne Jack'