Hydraulic Trolley Jacks - Over £200 

The trolley jacks in this deluxe price range really are the jewels in the crown when it comes to precision, power and quality - you can rely on these hydraulic marvels on wheels to serve you faithfully for many years.

The expensive top-of-the-range jacks are ideal for use by professional mechanics in auto repair garages, car service centres, MOT testing depots and other commercial businesses where these devices will use regularly throughout the day.

Most of the jacks in this price range are way beyond the requirement of the average motorist who just wants a basic device at home for changing a tyre and other basic auto maintenance work. 

There are several jacks here which are super-powerful and capable of lifting huge loads - options include 5-tonnes and 10-tonnes lifting capacities. You certainly don't need anything with this specification to get a family car, or even a small truck off the ground.


The are some truly big hitters in this range - Sealey is one manufacturer that features heavily and other reputable brand names include Draper, Bahco, Rodcraft, Machine Mart, Clarke and Dema.

A jack in this price range will be built to the highest standards and most of them will be get pretty much any large vehicle off the ground with ease, whether you just plan to carry out a quick tyre change or other common tasks including an oil drain and change, brake pad change or inspection work on the exhaust, transmission and suspension. 

You'll find jacks here to cater for all sizes of vehicles, from small cars to large truck, van and minibuses - so you are easily catered for if you need standard jack or a giant capacity 5 or 10-tonne model for much heavier lifting.

The solid build of the mega-powerful hydraulic floor jacks in this range will appeal to any pro mechanic and, despite being fairly heavy, they can still be moved around easily, thanks to their wheels and castors.