Hydraulic Trolley Jacks under £30 

Trolley jacks are very reasonably priced, considering how powerful they are and the impressive way they can lift a small or large vehicle off the ground in just a few seconds..

There are plenty of excellent cheap jacks in this budget price range - so, for under £30, you can equip yourself with an efficient heavy-duty bit of gear for changing a tyre and many under-carriage tasks such as an oil change or exhaust replacement.

It's important to bear in mind that these hydraulic jack are solely intended to raise a vehicle, not to support a load. You will need to invest in a set of axle jacks if you plan to carry out an inspection or repair work underneath your car.

Low-price jacks from leading UK auto accessory stores including Screwfix Direct, UK Tool Centre, Tooled Up, Argos, eBay, My Tool Shed, Rapid Online, Halfords and Machine Mart. We feature some great products from UK shopping giant Amazon. Among the reputable brand names in this price range are Draper, Redline, Sealey, Clarke Clarke, Hilka. Faithfull and Challenge.


Most trolley jacks are made of steel, aluminium or a combination of both. They are occasionally made of cast iron. Whatever the material, these hydraulic lifting devices are very powerful indeed - the most commons sizes of jack capacities are 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 tonnes.

A floor trolley jack can take a lot of the backache out of changing a tyre - they can raise a vehicle with minimal physical by simply raising and lowering the long attached handle a few times - this is so much easier than using a scissor jack to do the same job.

The fact that these jacks are on castors of wheels is also a big benefit as it enables them to be easily moved into position below the lifting points on a small or large car, truck, van or other vehicle. A standard profile jack is fine for most vehicles but if you have a car with minimal ground clearance you may need to purchase a low-profile jack.

A floor jack will last for years if looked after carefully - you will need to carry out basic maintenance tasks when required to get the optimum performance out of a trolley jack, including changing and topping up the oil and purging air from the hydraulic system.